How To Install And Use The Extension

Step 1: Installing

To install, click the button below:

Step 2: Using The Extension

After installing, navigate to the website which your video is on. Example:

Locate a video and press play. From here you can adjust the speed by clicking on the extension icon on the top on your Chrome browser toolbar, or use the new Keyboard Hotkeys to adjust the speed of the video (recommended).

The keyboard hotkeys are as follows:
Update: In the current latest version (1.5) the hotkeys have changed to the following for a better experience:

  • Shift + ] : Increase Speed By 0.25x
  • Shift + [ : Decrease Speed By 0.25x
  • Shift + Up-Arrow : 4x Speed (Ad Buster skips pass video ads quickly)
  • Shift + Down-Arrow : Reset To Normal Speed
  • Shift + Minus(-) : Rewind Video by 5 seconds
  • Shift + Plus(+) : Fast-Forward Video by 5 seconds